Gps Tracking For Children: What You Need To Know

GPS Tracking For Children: What You Need To Know


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GPS or global positioning system is a tracking system that can keep track of location via the use of satellite systems. A GPS tracking device can easily be attached to a car, person, backpack, etc.

What is GPS tracking for children?

GPS tracking for children uses a lightweight tracking device that can attach to a backpack or clip onto pants. Some GPS tracking devices for children are worn like watches or even attached to the shoes. The GPS tracking for children allows parents to easily find a child who gets lost or wanders away. It can also be used to help locate a child that is abducted.

How does GPS tracking work?


The GPS utilizes satellite-based navigation techniques. There are a series of satellites used for this purpose which were put into orbit by the U.S. Department of Defense. The signals emitted are specially coded so that the receivers can process the information and distinguish it from other information. GPS satellites are constantly circling the earth, providing precise information. The system can take the information from the signal and calculate the exact location of the user.

GPS tracking is done through various companies equipped for this service. The GPS device is purchased and programmed appropriately. Parents subscribe to a monthly user service. The fees for these services vary. The tracking device is attached to the child or kept in the child’s possession and turned on. The system can track people to within about several yards so it is quite accurate.

What can I find out from the tracking system?

That depends on the type of tracking service you get. There are some service plans that offer several “trackings” per month while other plans may offer unlimited trackings. Some can give you the tracking information through the internet or by telephone while others may provide software for your computer so that you can do the tracking yourself. Most tracking systems offer optional reports so you can see the activity on the tracking device. Real time tracking is typically more expensive.

Most parents use GPS tracking system to find a child that is lost. The technology is able to locate the street or actual address of an individual with incredible accuracy. Parents can use tracking software to find the location or call up the tracking company who can quickly provide details of the location.

What are the negatives?

For one thing, GPS tracking systems for children are expensive. Expect to pay anywhere from $150 onwards for the device itself. Monthly service plans may cost between $25 and $100 a month. Multiple devices (for several children) definitely cost more.

GPS tracking system for children can give parents a peace of mind. However, some children, especially as they become older, may not want to use the device and they may simply turn it off. Nevertheless, it should be considered a valuable parenting tool that is particularly well suited to younger children. Don’t use the device instead of good old-fashioned parenting. Always provide ample age-appropriate supervision to your children.

Children are naturally curious and tend to wander off easily. The stress and anxiety associated with losing a child can be awful.

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