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EXCELLENT ATTORNEY!!! Having the will need for an attorney I came to the understanding that frankly speaking – some are great and some aren’t. Ed Ajlouny is undoubtedly an superb attorney! A fantastic listener who promptly returned my calls and emails and is well respected. It truly is with out reservation that I recommend Ed Ajlouny should you ever have a require for legal services in his region.

RESPECT ALL THROUGH THE PROCEDURE!!! Bottom line: this man will provide you with the finest legal defense funds can purchase, and you will be treated with respect through the whole procedure. I wholeheartedly suggest Mr. Ajlouny, and have seen the way other attorneys respect him in and out of the courtroom. Thank you for everything.


COMMUNICATED CONTINUALLY!! Mr Ajlouny consulted me, and consoled my boyfriend. He was fantastic in court. As a former prosecutor, he knew his way by means of the District Attorney’s processes. Yet, he did not set false expectations for us. He showed extremely high ethics, communicated status consistently, didn’t seem to live by the mental cash-counting calculator that most attorneys do. Though you’ll find a lot of attorneys who would have charged 3 to four times as considerably, there’s none that would have represented us greater. Thank you for giving us our life back, Ed. We will not forget you and please — in case you are looking for a criminal lawyer — call Ed.

TRUE…HONEST!!! I was charged with drug possession. I talked to numerous lawyers and Edward Ajlouny provided accurate and honest opinion appropriate into the pocket. He talked to the DA at pretrial and the case got dismissed though some complications of feasible downturn. He is the best lawyer for your time and funds.

REALLY UNDERSTANDING!!! User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars Attorney Edward Ajlouny was very understanding of my charges. He listened to my concerns and understood what impact the false charges could have on my reputation and career. He did his component in researching the facts and explaining his findings to the D.A and presiding Judge. As a result, a compromise that was fair as achievable, was agreed on with out going to trial and causing unnecessary family tension.

NOTICE: The reviewer of this law office can be a real client. This positive testimonial review of Edward N. Ajlouny Attorney at Law in San Jose, CA may possibly be modified to qualify as special content within the review space provided herein. Call the Law offices of Edward N Ajlouny at (408) 297-6425 for a lot more FIVE STAR****Law Office Reviews and Ratings.

Edward N Ajlouny represents the San Jose and San Francisco Bay Region and can guide you by way of the tangled morass known as the criminal justice method. I know the law. A lot more importantly I know the system, and the best way to protect your rights. I have 15 years of expertise within the District Attorney’s office: and solid expertise as a Criminal Defense Attorney. Most circumstances don’t wind up in Trial, but if yours is one of them, you are within the hands of an experienced expert. My only desire is to do an outstanding job on your behalf. Please contact me at 408-297-6425.

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