Understanding Lucilles: A Dive Into History, Food, And Weber’s Influence

Have you ever wondered where Lucilles came from and what role Weber played in its history? Well, you came to the right place. In this article, we will be exploring the fascinating world of Lucilles and the impact Weber had on shaping this iconic brand.

The Roots of Lucilles

Introduced in the late 19th century, Lucilles initially referred to a range of signature dishes served in many western restaurants. Over time, the term evolved and is now tied to a chain of barbecue restaurants. At the heart of Lucilles is a commitment to using traditional cooking methods to serve up mouthwatering southern-style barbecue meals. Quality and authenticity are at the forefront of the Lucilles story.

The Role of Weber

When it comes to cooking, especially barbecuing, very few names resonate as strongly as Weber. The Weber-Stephen Products LLC, better known as Weber, is an American company that specializes in manufacturing charcoal, gas, and electric outdoor grills along with related accessories. That’s where the Lucilles’ and Weber’s stories intersect.

In cultivating its distinctive BBQ style, Lucilles tapped into the unique benefits offered by Weber grills. Opting to cook their food on Weber grills, Lucilles ensured a smoky, evenly-cooked result that catapulted them to fame in the BBQ world. Weber grills allowed Lucilles to enhance their cooking method, leading to the perfect balance of meat, smoke, and seasoning synonymous with Lucilles today.

The Impact of Weber on Lucilles

As the partnership with Weber grew, so did Lucilles’ popularity. Weber’s grills, known for their quality and durability, enabled Lucilles to consistently deliver delicious and expertly cooked food. The power of Weber grills ensured the high standards that Lucilles set were maintained, enhancing the overall dining experience for their customers.

Another important impact of Weber on Lucilles was in the area of flavour. The superior heat retention and equal distribution in Weber grills brought depth to the smoky flavour that Lucilles is renowned for. This allowed Lucilles to serve up meals that were not just delicious but truly memorable.

Lucilles Today

Lucilles has grown exponentially ever since, with multiple outlets across the globe. The heart-warming hospitality, combined with the finger-licking goodness of their menu, has made the Lucilles BBQ experience a favourite among many. Although wider factors contributed to Lucilles’ success, their strategic partnership with Weber played a pivotal role in shaping the renowned reputation the restaurant enjoys today.


The blend of history, culinary expertise, and superior grilling technology has forged a unique identity for Lucilles. With Weber’s advanced grilling facilities, and Lucilles’ commitment to serving authentic Southern-style barbecues, it’s little wonder why they have been at the forefront of BBQ lovers’ hearts for decades. The Lucilles-Weber partnership is indeed a delicious marriage – a powerful testament to the heights that innovative culinary strategy, passion, and quality equipment can reach.

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