Wire Dog Crates For Big Pets

By Ryan Pauline

Top trainers recommend that every dog be trained to spend quiet time in a pet crate. This enables you to have the peace of mind that he isn’t getting into anything when you can’t watch him. If the dog crate is placed in the lounge room or another area where there’s lots of activity, he can still be part of the flow without getting underfoot.

Many dogs come to love their crates so much that they’ll choose to go into them for privacy, even when the door is open. The den-like quality of a dog crate stimulates a dog’s instinctive desire for that cosy comfort. They feel that they can fully relax, without having to keep an ear out for disturbances.

Most dogs will take naturally to the pet crate with a minimum of effort on your part. Even if they protest at first, most will soon settle down. Make an effort to never let your dog out of the wire crate when he is making a fuss: this will teach him that doing so is an effective way of getting your attention. Instead, be sure he is calm whenever you open the door.


It’s important that you make the crate seem like a positive experience. Never use confinement as a punishment. You can, however, use it for a time out when he needs a break. Brightly say, “Let’s go get in your crate!” and put him in, staying upbeat. Say, “Good dog!” and then walk away.

It may take a few days or weeks for dogs who have never been crated before to become fully comfortable. Don’t panic and don’t rush things. Feeding your dog in the wire crate is a great way to create a positive association in his mind. At first, let him explore with the door open. Then, close it for just a few minutes at a time, gradually increasing the time. Praise him for being quiet and calm.

The correct size for a dog crate is one which allows your dog to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably. The 48 inch (122 cm) wire pet crate is suitable for most large breeds. It can also be used as a pen for puppies. There is a plastic floor, which is removable for easy cleaning. A crate pad, blanket, or towel can be used to add comfort.

A dog should not be crated for more than eight hours a day. However, a dog who is acclimated to his crate can comfortably spend six hours with no ill effects. Puppies, who can’t hold their bladders and bowels as well, can’t spend more than four hours in a dog crate at one time.

Wire dog crates have many uses in the home and on the road. They can be used to confine your dog when you are out of the house, or if you are having a party or when workmen are in the home. In the car, a wire crate keeps the dog from being a distraction to the driver, and provides safety in the event of a collision.

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