Carbon Market Opportunities Will Come Back

By Himfr Tian

Rough climate negotiation process, failed to bring the global carbon trading market, a bright future.

However, the carbon trading market has been committed to the development of the United Kingdom, is still maintained in this market optimism and confidence.

Copenhagen, the world does not develop a strong carbon reduction targets, which the UK institutions involved in carbon trading is what effect? For investors, particularly in 2009. One is because the financial crisis, not only makes the lack of liquidity, but also reduced the global production capacity, reduced emissions along with it, so some countries the demand for carbon credits also reduced; there is the post-2012 there is no obvious clear political framework.

But now these companies have survived, because that is the beginning they know this is a long-term cause, they do a lot of work before, so now they put emphasis on the contract has been signed.


In fact we all know the ultimate investment opportunity will be back, just be patient points on the line, because there are no political agreement on the framework and not relationships, not this, then there will be another one, just not the same as the original investment model only, but the opportunity will come back. In fact the present economic recovery, carbon emissions is rising, the demand for emissions began to rise up. You know, during the financial crisis, due to the relative lack of liquidity, loans more difficult, many companies have already sold a line of credit, but now began to buy back.

The spot market for emission credits, even at the beginning of the financial crisis, a period of time so the price movements of emission credits, but the European market prices have been stable at 13 euros, which explains the carbon market in which the situation as we imagine that bad. The long term, the price of emission credits is indeed rising.

So far China’s CDM mechanism is successful. Britain believe China should start their own internal operations. As we discussed at the Copenhagen Conference, China should establish its own domestic market mechanism. The new market mechanism should be established for the industry, that is to propose a trade emission reduction targets.

Chinese companies should realize that this is a chance, because the long term, the decline in fuel costs mean savings. Given the value and price of carbon means opportunity. In fact means that, as early as the beginning of the company means a better chance.

In fact this market particularly complex and has been changing. Such as rules of the game have been changed, such as CDM framework of some legislative and some are changing. So you want to have a good market performance, must have professional knowledge of the risks of these projects should be well aware of. If you do not understand the risks, the investment may not being paid, the registration of your project will be delayed for several months.

Britain has started early in the CDM context, and the formation of a very sub-structure of the carbon trading market, such as our carbon consulting and carbon assessments have carbon trading, are some very front rank of the company. Now the world certified emission reduction credits (CER), 39% was bought by British institutions, so we have more advantages in this regard. These professionals have been the UK market is changing according to the carbon, so they are very experienced, able to understand where the market risk.

On competitors, yes, many other different countries, different companies are doing the same thing. But we must realize that the market itself is expanding, so the opportunity is also growing. Competition is more intense, but the census drawn to find new areas of investment, will always find a delivery of some new projects.

Of course, since the financial crisis and the lack of a number of years after 2012, a clear political framework, so now there are new problems. We are looking for new projects, looking for a new project not dare to do, the conditions are not ripe. But the good thing is that we start these companies early, in the past have done a lot of work, they can now put their energy investment projects in the past, to focus on delivery on.

Expected to be formed as a regional financial center of carbon, such as New York, Singapore and Shanghai. But we hope to see a global market, a global standard, so we VER (voluntary reduction) is not supported, we do not want to see a different standard, which is detrimental to long-term development.

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